Bourne Legacy (2012) review

Since the Coursera study group is cancelled and most of my family went out for visiting relatives or attending a wedding, I went ahead to Paradigm Mall to catch a movie which is ‘The Bourne Legacy’. The movie have been in theater for a while but the theater is surprisingly full and unfortunately I got the middle seat at farthest left next to a guy who really need a deodorant and mouthwash. Let’s just assume, I like my personal space and I hate breathing in strange body odour from strangers even when it’s not really pungent or anything. Next time when I have to insert myself between people… I’ll buy the seat in front because the hall have this kind of slanted screen and I don’t think seating in front is that bad after all. If you think of it, I’m sort of myopic and the nearer I get, the more HD the screen is.

Surprisingly, some people really don’t have the courtesy of turning their phone off in theater. Really, WTF. Just say “Later” and switch it OFF. Or better yet, turn it off or silent mode it when you get inside. Like really, is it too damn hard to do?

I’ve watched the Bourne film series since the first movie and so naturally I had to watch this movie too. I don’t really like reading airplane books for men but usually I devour the movies. I haven’t remembered most of the story in Bourne Ultimatum but I’m glad this new timeline doesn’t affect very much from the Bourne series.

Basically the story is the consequences of Jason Bourne revealing the Operation Treadstone to the public and the CIA had to shut down the other operations including Operation Outcome, the siblings of Treadstone and Blackbriar. This includes murdering all the active and inactive agents and the medical teams in the ops.

While Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is in training at Alaska, he found himself being a target by his superiors. He survived and found out his doctor,  Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) survived a massacre that was committed by her co-worker who was brain-washed by CIA. Aaron saved Marta (whom I think he had a crush on from the dialogues lol) and asked for her help to make him independent from the pills.

You can get the full summary that was filled with spoilers from the wiki page of this movie. Unfortunately, the movie’s plot is rather simple that I can’t really tell most of the conflicts without spoiling the movie for you.

It’s really is a good movie, in term of action, the part in Manilla is really interesting and considerably well-done by the stunt team especially with the amount of people and the crowd that they use. If you can get crush syndrome from watching movies, this will be it.

As for the occasional gore scenes, there’s hardly any cut scenes from the censorship board which is a blessing really (since it’s an 18 above movie and I hate it when people censors seconds on my RM12 ticket) but the movie-goers people im in really have weak stomach or something. It’s just needle in the vein, it’s no biggie. In fact, it’s hardly hurt at all. I did hundred of blood smears with my blood and this two hands already been pricked so many time that I grew immune from the pain. You know what hurt? Bone Marrow aspiration. The doctor have to literally use a huge sharp needle to prick through your pelvic bone and I’ve seen this procedures on babies, girl-teenager and old lady with leukemia. They’ve suffered this every few week to months and you complain a little needle through the vein… pssh.

There are some moments in the movie that made me smirk like when Aaron doing self-phlebotomy using yellow tubes in the wild and I was like “Does he have a portable centrifuges for those?” and when Marta tell him about the chemicals he ingest for the program which is filled with sentence that could make Prof Yap squirm in glee and I just had to grin (because Rachel Weisz said it!!!!!). Basically the chems that the Outcome agents were taking enhanced the physical and the mental expect of the agents making them becoming highly skilled in field. It used bacteriophage transport system by inserting genes that enhance the small percentage of a person’s chromosomes which produce additional qualities. It’s theoretically possible like Marta said but with consequences that Aaron suffered. However, the chemical are only temporary and to wean Aaron off the pills, he had to be inoculate with the actual virus to make his condition permanent.

And thats the only interesting part that I could say from the thread-bare plot. Oh, the final boss scene is very awesome.

If you need another reason, its Rachel Weisz and her kicking ass. She’s the main reason I wanted to see this movie. Weisz is my girl-crush since 1999’s ‘The Mummy’. Her acting skills is legendary and everything she does, she do it with every acting emotive muscles that she had. That and the fact she’s really really beautiful even without makeup (as seen with her blemishes and in every angle of her in this movie and plus James Bond married her, duh). I’m definitely looking forward to her as the antagonist in 2013’s Oz : The Great and Powerful. The trailer is awesome too.

I’ve known for a long while that Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz is in it and the story is very different from the book which made the movie worth seeing actually (although it doesn’t perform well in cinema but its supposed to be a movie that would persuade Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass to be in its sequel so I’m trying to be positive about it).

It was a quarter of the movie that I realized Edward Norton is in the movie. Although the movie underutilized its best actor (Norton) and actress (Weisz) in movie existence, I really really wish there’s a sequel to this so please let there be a sequel of this which I know it will be more awesome with Renner in it.

I really like the character chemistry in this movie although in the first part of it, I was waiting for a meaningful thing to happen besides the big CIA people being extreme about shutting the whole operation down. The romance element is really subtle and mostly body language. Although the plot is nowhere complicated and there’s no Matt Damon brooding but the action would satisfy most male movie goers. Jeremy Renner is awesome in Hurt Locker and The Avengers and seeing him again in action movies is very enjoyable. Plus, its money well spent especially when you get to hear this awesome music at the end.

as for the actual novel, I went to Popular to check the title. The synopsis on the book and the movie is really the opposite of one another. I suppose this would make die-hard fans of the books in agony but as a bookworm who dislike movies that butchered the book, this is actually a good thing.


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