Randomness : #CurrentlyReading Lewis Carroll, Sarah J Maas and Bisik

Because I’m taking that english lit certificate, I had to read a bunch of Grimm stories last week (hence why I don’t update anything because Grimms have more than a hundred stories and I only touch a quarter of it before giving up) and this week, I’m reading Alice in the Wonderland.

I never actually finished reading Alice before this. I read the abridged version and I watched the new Alice in the Wonderland 3D, SyFy Alice, Resident Evil, Kingdom Heart and other type of Alice adaptations. The classic Disney’s Alice in the Wonderland is one of my least favourite Disney movie because Alice is one very annoying character.

Reading this book does give me a fresh perspective on the storytelling and the character. I shall elaborate on this after I finished the book which will be followed by Through The Looking Glass.

And this afternoon, I went to Kuala Lumpur’s KLCC with my sisters and found Sarah J Mass’s Throne of Glass on the shelf. I frightened a couple of people because I gasped loudly and exclaimed : “Throne of Glass!!! This haven’t even being published in US yet!”

I checked the cover edition and found its actually a UK edition published on 2nd August and I’m so pleased since the other edition that I read in BEA Buzz 2012 will be out on 7th August. And you could see why I’m making fuss about this thing :

I hate that ‘D’-word. (I’m avoiding Bloomsbury’s ARC from now on  >_<)

I requested it for the first time and the ydeclined me. But NetGalley send me a newsletter to request the title so I requested it again and they declined me again. And imagine my frustration when I read the BEA Buzz book and I couldn’t get a galley of this book. I know I shouldn’t be whiny (I don’t really make fuss about rejected galley requests) but its really agonizing when you dangle a story about a girl-assassin in fantasy setting in front of my face….. grrrrr…..

So I bought it. *duh* (but borrowed 10 ringgit from my sis too.. haha)

If I find galleys that I really like and got declined, I would just get it later after its release date (like Seraphina). So folks, if you didn’t get the galleys, don’t whine to the publisher or on goodreads okay? Its perfectly fine.

Oh, I bought the latest Fixi’s Bisik which was, according to someone, a mix of “Fight Club” and that Johnny Depp “Secret Window” movie. I like Fight Club and have been waiting to read the book and I haven’t started reading Bisik where I left off so I’m kind of waiting for the Raya holidays when I could read in peace.

Tomorrow is Nuzul Al-Quran and hence additional holiday for us Malaysian (and me, obviously). Lucky? Yep




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