8 Reason Why I Love My Kindle 4

The facts for all the inquiries that I really ‘malas’ to repeat why I prefer Kindle 4 since people like to ignore everything I say so I’m putting it in a simple list….

1. No More Eyestrain and Insomnia from Reading

I never notice I had dry eyes until several optometrist undergrads insisted I stop using contact lenses because I have blocked tear ducts and I don’t blink properly. I stopped using contact lenses and specs for a year but I still have blocked tear ducts.

I know the culprit isn’t the contacts, its in fact, me in front of the computer everyday. 

My computer time per day actually the one that irritated my eyes besides my lazy eye blinking rate.

Kindle reduced my daily computer use by several hours because I didn’t read books from PC anymore. But I still use my PC regularly everyday but I don’t really spend my night reading from a backlit monitor.

So, I no longer have insomnia.

I still sleep at weird hours but I rarely spend 24-48 hours up without napping or sleeping.

Oh, when I have insomnia while reading a book, its usually the book’s fault for being intriguing and firing up my brain with chemicals that I stay up. So people who like to read during the night, I am the survivor of insomnia, if its dark, go to sleep. Sleep is precioussssssssssssssss.

2. No More Pesky Skipping Chapters

In #1 did say I’m reading from a PC right?

Here’s the thing, usually I use my mouse or my keyboard to change pages. The most annoying thing about mouse is that it clicked loudly and the other annoying thing about using keyboard was usually “Pg Up” and “Pg Dn” was used to change pages instead of “>” and “<” buttons. And In my laptop, the “Pg Up” and “Pg Dn” buttons is right NEXT to the “End” button. So if I wasn’t too careful. I end up skipping to the end of the book and have to back track to where I stopped reading.

And I had to do this at least a hundred times.

When I was window shopping and (months) researching for an ebook reader. Imagine my feeling when I found out people set RM50-100 differences to a Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. I would have bumped into getting a touchscreen because to most people, a touchscreen is a sign of ‘technology’ and it looks cool. In fact, several people scoff at my Kindle 4 because its non-touchscreen. Sigh…. I’m hurt.

Here is actually the scheme for the Kindle touch… people don’t realize that is actually REALLY huge zone to swipe to the next page. And people didn’t actually know that if you press long and swipe, you’ll end up skipping chapters. If you watch the reviews, you’ll notice this too.

I only use the chapter skipping in my kindle 4 when I finished reading and wanting to get to the best part of the book. Its the square button in the middle and since I use the side buttons, I never touch the square button.

and then further researching… I found this.

Like really, if I was already annoyed with accidental skipping pages, don’t you think I would be further annoyed if I decided on having Kindle Touch?

And I only have to press Kindle 4’s previous or next button lightly to turn pages and I could use it both hands. How can it be a con?

3. Kids and “Do Real Books Have Touchscreen?”

I feel totally fine when my nieces and nephew and my sisters playing around with my kindle because even if they messed up my pages, it doesn’t go far.

But with something than can skip a chapter by merely pressing too long to swipe, I would get very irritated.

Its a fact that even babies and toddlers can use touchscreens. Its easy and responsive. But if you wanted it to play games or such, its a perfect medium…. but not for reading books.

If you ever use those jukebox with rotating pages, you’ll notice its like playing around with an ereader. You didn’t actually touch the actual pages but you’re turning the pages inside the box.

Honestly, I don’t feel natural using touchscreen or non-touch to flip pages. Touchscreen will never replace swiping a page but it dos annoys when people make a huge fuss about how natural it was to swipe on a touchscreen and see animation of fake pages swiping,

I always wonder if these people actually read real books and notice that page turning is variable. Watching the same swipe motion in static animation made my hackle rises.

If you like watching page turning so much, I had the perfect gif for you.

If you read books, you read for the content. The physical being of it faded when your mind started to work with the words.

The whole point of reading is an immersible experience. You hear voices in your head with perfect accents, you hear actual rain falling on the pavement in descriptive situation. You feel the burn when the main character dunk her hand in a huge wok of fire. You cry when the hero cries when his love dying in his arms.

Like really, thats reading.

4. I Eat While Reading

Have you ever eat Tom Yam Goong and rice and saw splash marks on the book you’re holding? Or when you’re flipping a page and saw a reddish-yellowed tint in the middle of the book from your mother’s sweet and sour chili chicken rice?

I am Malaysian. I eat with utensils as I do with my hands. Its cleaner and efficient and natural. Its a cultural thing but most of the time I find people tend to forget washing their hands to eat with utensils than eating with their hand.

Most of the time, I eat with my hands while reading because I dislike talking while eating and reading made me occupied.

With a Kindle, I do get oil stain at the back rubber but when a drop of oil or soup splatter on an e-Ink screen. I just wipe it off.

With a book? it last that way until it die. You can never wipe the oil of a page. I’ve tried cleaning, it never work.

Seriously, its simple logic.

Plus, I’m getting Kindle 4 skin a couple of months anyway. So like really, its nothing big.

5. Big Books in My Bags

My bags is always huge because I like to bring two or three books everywhere I go. I used to travel across country rather frequently and in 6-5 hours ride, I learn to read while being in a car (never ask me if I feel nausea because I would feel nausea when you ask me)

So I’m so used to bringing Harry Potter and historical romance books to keep me occupied that even my dad became annoyed with that habit so I end up sleeping than reading. Years later, I still bring books with me whenever I was in public transport or stuff. I hate staring at strangers or the floor. So, I read.

I usually will read a quarter of a book while on public transportation from PJ to KL. And subsequently, I found that reading hardcovers is a pain while travelling on your own.

Having ereader is a Godsent. The end.

6. ‘Hassle’ of Getting Books and “Its not Epub!!!!!”

Is not using Amazon stopping you from using this ereader? its still a PDF and Mobi reader. And before buying, try reading the specs if you want to use specific format…. but…

Like really, words never failed me about how lucky it was for people to be born in this century and not appreciating the existence of open source converting programs….

7. Physical and Free Books

Contrary to what bookstores thinking, getting an ereader doesn’t mean you’re never going to read or buy another book from a bookstores. I still have those  impulse buying going on whenever I enter a bookshop (I get out with a cooking with chocolate book and Fixi’s Bisik *which I will review when I had some time to finish*) but a kindle does keep the crazy-book-molester self sated and away.

And I’m doing another certificate in Fantasy and Science Fiction and having one saved me from buying a bunch of out-of-copyright books like Grimms, Lewis Carroll and etc. And I do read a lot of those.

And e-ARCs. Have you ever notice any Malaysian publisher giving free ARCs to local readers? Actually, unless you’re a a writer’s or publisher’s friends or professional newspaper or magazine reviewer, chances are… never. Or only if you won them in competition which I never have won in any ways.

So why making fuss about Malaysian credit cards on restricted sites when you can go to those that accepted Malaysian credit cards like MPH e-store and a bunch of other stores. I never see the allure of tablets.

And you never have 2-3 weeks waiting period to get a book. NEVER.

And you can always buy banned books stuff online. Customs may check for the titles and rampas banned books, but not online even when you’re doing it legally and get it in seconds. Keep this away from JAIS or they’ll have heart attack.

And the nonsense about the feel of the book. I read a book because of the content in it. Not because I have a sexual fetish with the physical books. Like really, I would love to see you getting orgasm just by touching 50 Shades of Gray. Please, do talk more about your love of touching books.

8. Darker Gray/Black Text

Kindle 4 had an update that darkened its text which mean, its no longer grey. Its darkest black.

I’m surprised it wasn’t being advertise much these days but yes, its no longer light grey to dark grey on the screen, its actually black now. The advertisement on lighted case is actually full dark ads and it showed in crisp dark glory.

While reading PDF, those small fonts that used to be light grey is now darkest grey (especially if they’re coloured). While on normal books, the new update is like putting your fonts in a coat of darkness, making the words pop and reading in poor lighting possible.

I used to complain to myself about how hard it is reading in my room which was facing the north and so my room almost never hit by the sun until afternoon. Now, I no longer had those problem,

Now I read textbook on my kindle, and it used to be grey text but now its black.



3 thoughts on “8 Reason Why I Love My Kindle 4

  1. Hi! Would like to check, how do you purchase ebooks for your Kindle from Amazon? I note from other blogs that Amazon doesn’t accept Malaysian credit cards. Any advice on this? Would appreciate it! Thanks!

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