Randomness : Eric Rabkin’s Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World


I think I’ve accidentally sign up to a 10 weeks certificate course on reading some classic books and doing weekly essays……… a biomedical scientist who end up writing a full length novel, who took 7-8 months classes on baking and making icing flowers and now taking another certificate english classes during her near-exam month..

Ok, not that dramatic. Apparently, there’s a bunch of people taking these stuff too so…  I’m not that alone… ummmmm…..

Some of the required readings which might be fun;

  1. Grimm — Children’s and Household Tales
  2. Carroll — Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
  3. Stoker — Dracula
  4. Shelley — Frankenstein (my old SPM novel, get that.. haha)
  5. Hawthorne & Poe — Stories and Poems
  6. Wells — The Island of Dr. MoreauThe Invisible Man, “The Country of the Blind,” “The Star”
  7. Burroughs & Gilman — A Princess of Mars & Herland
  8. Bradbury — The Martian Chronicles
  9. LeGuin — The Left Hand of Darkness
  10. Doctorow — Little Brother

Why not Dune or Blade Runner or Clockwork Orange? Seriously, Alice in the Wonderland?

But at least its free. Gotcha!

and why all the jpegs became cute sizes?



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