The Prince’s Second Chance by Brenda Harlen

The Prince’s Second Chance is a romance drama about Cameron, a reformed prince (he’s the villian in the past books series) who focused his work on diplomatic relations ofor his country was again involved with a scandal whem a picture of him dancing with a diplomat’s teenager daughter that ruined a trade agreement. To avoid further damage, he contacted the newspaper that carry the article and found it was covered by his old flame, Gabriella. Seventeen years ago, he broke her heart after spending a short summer together and she had been carrying a grudge eversince but with a good reason. Gabriella have been hiding a secret, she had a grown teenage daughter,Sierra, and kept her daughter’s birth father a secret until Cameron came into her life again.

Gabriella is a much older character who is a successful columnist for a newspaper, have a beautiful teenage daughter, a supporting mother and a boyfriend who was intending to propose her. Somehow she found herself with the man who broke her heart and left her as a single mother at 19. Seeking to reconcile their relationship, he unexpectedly found out that he had a grown daughter which even Cameron’s mother kept a secret from him, fearing Sierra’s presence in his life would complicate her plans for Cameron. Determined to know his daughter, he kept on contact with Gabrielle while actively pursuing for his old love’s heart.

The character’s interactions are interesting enough that are natural and linear. Since the book depend on each of the character’s plight, youl’ll notice it does contribute to the bulk that made the book uncheesy unlike most of Harlequin usually publish. The main female character in this book is a strong character who had been hurt badly in the past that she was afraid to let herself to be in love again. The hero is a flawed character who had done many bad things in his life and intend to redeem himself through the eyes of his loved ones. The book could have been easily predictable had the author not made the characters complicated or the basis of the story cheesy as other type of books. There are some forgivable plot holes but as a whole, its not a bad book to waste a couple of hours to and especially if you’re tired with damsel in distress or sheikh stories or duke stories. Plus I can’t always generalize Harlequin books as badly written, they do come with good authors and good reading, on random days.


Update (11/7/12) : 5 minutes before 4am. I can get into this site again. Oh gosh, tablet blogging is hard when you’re typing a lot of words.

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Note (10/7/12) : I dont know why these past two days, I cant browse wordpress on my ISP, but i can while using the tablet. Writing on tablet suck.


Why wordpress… Why???


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