The 7 Deadly Sins of Reading

June was my culinary school’s exam month so I’ve been slacking on reading novels (I do read ; but I wonder if some of you will like it if I talk all time about the food sanitation section on Professional Cooking and the basic of pastry in Professional Baking and some cake deco book on gingerbread house and random stuff) thus there were a lot of days I haven’t blog anything this past few weeks, so my view count suffers.

But I’ve noticed my weekly post is almost exclusively on book reviews, I guess I could do with personal post about books and me  instead of surgically operating books all the time. I found this blog tag on online threads which are pretty fun. I’m too lazy to ask this in my regular online book clubs, so this is my 7 deadly….

ok.. not 7 of those…

1# GREED – i) What is your most expensive book? ii) What is your least expensive book?

i) Actually, I couldn’t quite remember since I do buy a lot of books and some of them are truly expensive only after discounts. I guess in between these two.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (Hardcover) on 21st June 2003 at KLCC because I pre-ordered it. RM100+ I think. Sigh… my allowance.

and this histology book around 2007 I think which is also around RM100+. Sometimes  university frustrate me with the expensive books it requires.  Most of the time, I’m UKMKL’s medical library’s regular.

I never buy a single book over RM150 mark… except to replace a missing library book. Sigh.

ii) I would say free books and ARCs and Bookxcess books and second hand but that doesn’t count right? I would say the only time I would go crazy and get a bunch of books was during this type of sale :

I found out about Big Bad Wolf Sale when I saw my sister’s RM10 book and the 2008 sale’s bookmark. Sisters, sigh. Then every end of the year since 2009, I always splurge on a dozen books from it.

Pre-sale loot…. and my books are the one before the Grisham, the later ones are my sister’s.

Why I say its most inexpensive, because last year, hardcover during BBW was RM8, years before that, it was RM10.

and again on the last day of BBW sale. Some of its HC cover were torn but still no damage to the books. All of the books here are RM5 each. So naturally, most inexpensive books are these guys.

I guess I put the “Greed” with these right? lol…

2# WRATH – Which author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Christine Feehan.

I love some of her books but hated some of her books. She’s the one that made my SPM years in Kuala Terengganu bearable.  She was the one who made me like reading a lot of vampire paranormal romance books and eventually Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Darkhunters.

But I dislike what she did with her Dark series. I love the early part of the series but these recent years, she’s seemed to be out of her tempo. For now, the Leopard series is much better than her Drake sister’s sequels.

See, I hate her books and I love her books. This confuses the heck out of me

3# GLUTTONY – What book have you deliciously devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever?

I would say Karen Marie Moning’s The Dark Highlander which I get when I was 16. I have a thing with time-traveling druids with dominant traits. LoL. I still read it every year actually. The book is nearly fallen apart. Other than that, The Immortal Highlander is great too. Oh hell, just read the entire book series.

4# SLOTH – What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

I guess, a lot of classical novels or Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune which I’ve been pushing them away and away. I guess, most notable among it was the books in my Currently Reading… I guess I mentioned it last month. Some of them are ARCs too.. ack…

I actually read The Master of Verona and Code Name Verity till the second chapter until I call it quits. Some of the ARCs have been published when I requested the book, but I am more concerned with to be published ARCs. Most of the time, I requested because the blurb publisher gave sounded nice but then when I actually read it… its another story..

Buzz Books 2012…. sigh… you do know there’s a bunch of excerpt in that book. Its really thick if I had the physical book instead of the ebook.

5# PRIDE – What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?

I guess, its Harman’s Free-radical Theory of Aging which is a journal that I have that I read again and again for a year during for my honey undergrad thesis. I actually retain most of it when I talk to people about honey and ageing process… Had my supervisors even care instead of asking me again and again about phenols in honey during my VIVA. It was a general term which I don’t touch for my thesis since specifically it was a PhD research. I could only say something about phenols in my sample is that you need Mass Spectrometer or AAS for it (which can’t use – no money problem) and there’s barely anything about  specific phenols compounds Gelam honey studies in Malaysia so you can see why I had a bit problematic with the session. Plus, my thesis was about honey that affected the free radicals in ageing rats so I expected we should talk about ageing and stuff but then… sigh… thats the intellectual bit you get from me. Yes, I passed my honors thesis, that’s how I graduate.

I do read a lot of non-fiction book, but most of it really just academical books. Like the forensics book that originally I read for my presentation group, which revolved to my current novel which I was on the process of rewriting but gotten lazy. And then a lot of writing books.

But specifically, I don’t really focus on certain books to sound smarter. If you read a lot, naturally you are smarter. Focusing one book is just too restrictive.

Why I mention that journal was, his study started the whole research on ageing process that are related to the radicals formations. Which is awesome since its not really about preventing it, its more of the life cycle of life, how things degrades and retain its balance. Trying to stay immortal is just as unnatural as radical degradation on cells.

Other than that, Millennium Series by Steig Larsson. I never read about economics and corporate scandals or national conspiracies so the book definitely made me seemingly informative enough about those things.  Too bad the fourth book is never gonna be written posthumously.

6# LUST – What attributes do you find most attractive in male or/and female characters?

Alpha and omega males are a lot nicer to read than omega males. In terms of werewolves hierarchy and romance genre. I do like the tall, dark and ruggedly handsome types in books. Since books often convey what the readers should like, so its not really a preference for me. But most of all, I dislike the whole fake emo-tortured kind in YA novels. The tortured ones in adult novels usually have real issues, like actually being tortured by evil people and trust issues etc. The ones in YA novels just deserved a slapping or spanking.

In reality, every guy is handsome at some point whether his features, his words or when you see him at certain light when no one is looking, unconsciously or what. Its just the issue whether I am attracted to it or not. Looks doesn’t go everywhere you know.

and I dont particularly care about feminine attractiveness in books. I have enough to suffer all of that in real life.

7# ENVY – What books would you most like to receive as a gift?

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. Gold embezzled hard covers, first editions….. sigh

but I’ll be happy with A Song of Ice and Fire set . I have the ebooks but its just not the same.

note: you know is it so weird… I google image for “GRR Martin Set” and found my sister and niece picture… lol

Lmao….. did you know my niece Amni Khalisa is actually named after Daenerys? I call her Khaleesi all the time


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