Bangsar Shoppping Centre’s Times Bookstore’s Reading Circle

Around yesterday, my NaNoWriMo’s ML announced that the Times is doing a Reading Circle about book talking. Times  had sponsored coffee and snacks for our write-in during Nano last year so it make sense for them to contact her.

Eventually I just reserved my seat and spread the news around my usual online place but no one seems to respond. But I had a nagging feeling…

I’m going solo again.

I don’t mind, since I’m basically going solo for every events anyways. Talking to strangers doesn’t scare me like it used to (hell, I survived countless presentations in front of a hundred of people) but I hope there won’t be a talk on 50 Shades (note the 18 years and above thing). Come on people, do I even care about Story of O? nah…

But Bangsar’s BSC is so posh and quite far but I can go to Mid Valley later. Hope Kaknania will be around the building for me to kacau her working… hahaha.

Gonna bring my e-reader. I didn’t actually delete all my past reads and I know the Times’ WiFi doesn’t work much so if you need an book talk idea, this baby packs a punch.

EDIT: 6/7/01


I was thinking about it until I received a call saying only two person attending and asked me if I had friends who’d like to come. Honestly, I had a hard time persuading people in anything. So what are the chances of me getting someone with same interest to be in such thing in short time? Zilch…

So I RSVPed again until around 5 pm the lady called me again and said they have to rescheduled….

Free tea and food….. sigh…

Malaysians and “janji ayam”….




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