Food Institute of Malaysia’s Library review *no pics for now*

Instead of random book store reviews, I’m making a posts on library too. Too bad that I made this blog a bit too late since I had gone to a lot of libraries before this. Oh well, another reason to go to visit all of them again ūüôā

I’m not sure people are aware of this, me and my sister sign up for a short course ie certificate in a local IPTS which was Food Institute of Malaysia for Pastry and Bakery which is half a year study. Its a side certificate to gain some experience (which is what majority of the jobs these days entails besides fluency in Mandarin *cough*). Its been two month and so far, I’m enjoying my weeks in the place since I get to taste and make stuff that I dont really interested (Malaysian Kuih Muih) and make bread-making and learn pastry skills from experienced chefs. Despite the limited non-university facilities, its actually a great place to study about basic in food preparation and my dad is psyched because he get to eat nice stuff… lols

One of the things I do in educational facilities of any sort was stalk their libraries.¬†I didn’t bring my camera so unfortunately I can’t show you the awesomeness of this library.

Since FIM is fairly a new college (established on 1998 which is still new than UKM’s 1970 and I’ve known about them ever since I moved back to PJ in 2002) so the library wasn’t stock fully like university’s library (UUM, UKM and UM that I’ve been) but for stuff like food and recipes, this library is like heaven to food lovers.

Bookxcess and Big Bad Wolf sale was the only place that I see an abundance of English recipe books at cheap price. FIM’s library (or resource centre as it called) is the obly place I’ve been that have SHELVES FULL of every kinds of major and basic cook books for free (if you’re a student, you get to borrow TWO books for a week than usual university’s 2 weeks). I mean, really, have you seen books on¬†Thai,¬†Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian,¬†Malaysian,¬†Indonesian,¬†Italian, French, Spanish, English cook books in universities libraries? If the university doesn’t have diploma or degree in food service, I doubt they have shelves full of them, I know, since in UKM KL, we have degrees in nutrition and diet and there’s only one shelf of recipe books which is not that awesome as this library.

The first time I went into the library in the first week, I didn’t have my matric card yet until this week, so while I rave about the books before in my twitter, I can’t actually borrow them (later I realize they make library cards like school ones instead of university’s computerized system ).

Today, I was like in a candy store. Cook books everywhere on types of food. Multiple books to choose. I want to borrow the Japanese book my sister grabbed until I saw the baking books behind the main shelves and these are the two books I checked out.

Which is just awesome!!!

I think I missed my calling when I applied for university after matriculation. Because all of these are way better and easier than having to memorize and analyse body fluids of every kind from animals to human and memorize hundreds of chemical structures.

Besides huge stacks of recipe books, there are smaller stacks for basic biochemistry (pfft.. *flick lint*), food nutrition, business, motivational section, novels and dictionaries. There were also student assignments at the end of the library which you can read and reference for your own assignment.

But the main point are the thick slabs of cook books. My house is filled with stacks of cookbooks too but this is like another dimension of foodies’ bookgasm.

Honestly, instead of paying hundreds of bucks on cookbooks, just come here and embrace the awesomeness of the food library. If you aren’t a student, you can ask the FIM if you can browse the library (which I think majority of library in malaysia allow visitors), and dont ask me since I am a student so its not really an issue. If you are a student and never been into the library, you are missing a lot. Not everything you get on internet is reliable you know.

Besides, I go nerdgasm briefly reading books dedicated on CHEESE and MUSHROOMS!!!! Seriously, I saw these things in book stores but didn’t have the heart to spend hundred ringgit on those books. But reading a book dedicated on hundreds of CHEEEEESE is awesome!!! In a library which everything is borrow-able. Its like… nyan…. *giddy!!!!*

FIM is located in SS 7 (right nearby Kelana Jaya’s Giant Hypermarket , Paradigm Mall and Brothers) and frankly, despite being in a place that doesn’t look like colleges, its a good place to study culinary in a long term or short term (like me). They do cater older students too.

I will bring a camera to show you how awesome the place it. I hope the librarian don’t mind me promoting their place since I hardly see any pictures of the place in internet.

But again and again, if you love and love cooking food, food libraries is superbly awesome!

Ehem… sorry PDAL… its not that I belittle your awesome medical library and smallish food recipe section but honestly, its all about specification.

Honestly.. how can you NOT be uber-excited?! Cheese… duh


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