e-BookReader : Positive Ideas’ Book Light Paperback LED Light Panel review

After months lusting and a week of seducing, I went to Popular Paradigm Mall again to get me and my sister’s Popular cards and grabbed this booklight.

Around a year ago, I saw a large glass and heavy booklight in MPH Mid Valley and although its full of scratches, I’m really intrigued with the idea of sheet LED booklight.

But first of all, the price is what turn me off (near rm100?). Considering I had to buy it from US and that there’s a lot of review about how easily scratch it was, I had serious doubts about getting it.

Until a fellow bookworm from a facebook Malaysian book club  mentioned to me that the booklight I mentioned that I found in Mid Valley was under rm30.

But I rarely go to Mid Valley these days and until now, I haven’t found the exact booklights in any bookstores that I went. So since I read my Kindle in the dark and I saw Paradigm Mall’s Popular branch have one, so I get it with 10% off (member’s price) from RM29. Awesome… I guess, the RM25 for a 3 year membership will pay by itself within the year.


I knew about Lightwedge being scratch-prone long ago but I expected it with this book light too…

I’ve just bought it and there’s already bazillion of scratches on this thing.. 😦

but the only way for you to really notice the scratches was in the dark and with the light tune to the highest setting which are not good for your eyes.


I made a vid instead to show you how it turn on and to the brightest setting from its wheelie like buttons. For something built using 3 AAA batteries, its quite a neat thing since you can control the intensity but frankly its like cranking up old tape radios.

In real LightWedge vlog reviews, everyone noted the wave-like illumination on its booklight but I didn’t see them with this booklight.

One worth of note, the light can be really strong that you need the removable black thing at the end to capture all the light since it does act like a torchlight at some point. Hell, I can search things in the dark using this book light. Ingenious that is.

I actually prefer reading my Kindle using this booklight like this…

which I generally does think it does better job than normal clip-on booklight


Its surprisingly lighter than my kindle and the one I tested in Mid Valley which I think was from hard plastic material.


It need 3 AAA batteries and what I’m using are cheap old Giant batteries from the shelves. You know, I’m surprised that it work on cheap batteries.

Reading Visibility

the dark spots are actually air bubbles from the screen protector.. oh well..

Although with all those scratches and three LED light blaring from the panelling, its actually readable in darkness. This is a useful thing if you’re reading in the dark like in the car at night.

On a hardcover at the highest setting…. which is very glare-ish.

As long as you control the lighting, I dont think the scratches will be a bother. Overall, I dont think its a bad book light but I’ll try to get used to reading with it now.


The item can be found on Paradigm Mall in the Positive Ideas stationary section.

I skipped on the clip-ons since its bottom heavy and I saw the hug light which was actually book light that you wrap over your neck. I hate halter neck or heavy necklaces that weight on my neck so I dont think I’m getting that type of booklight.


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