Oh… I’ve Passed 100th Goal! A_A


But it does worried me that some of the books are graphic novels and most of it was those that I reviewed for publishers via NetGalleys and some of them was smut…. .. but essentially they’re real books, right? Oh shush book l33ts.

Oh well, at least I passed the “20 books per month”  stuff before the end of may (which is today)… yay.

You do know its hard to maintain a reading schedule like this even when I had night classes and stayed on my feet for hours. But nothing de-stress me or make me feel more at ease than reading a books and living a thousand lives in e-ink or real ink. Honestly, ever since I started having real insomnias from colleges and universities, I can’t sleep well without reading a normal fiction book since my mind would keep me awake with my thoughts.

So far, I still haven’t cleared most of my backlogged currently-reading shelf. I’ll try to finish what I’ve started even if the book is excruciatingly boring or longish.

I think I should repost all my reviews into this blog but I’m too lazy to copy paste from my other blogs and goodreads (I did say I read a lot right?).

BTW, I still have 100 books more to read till the end of the year. Let’s hope I continue keeping a good pace as it is.


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