Bad Medicine #1 by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Christopher Mitten and Bill Crabtree

I’ve requested the comic from the publisher because the blurb which is mighty interesting. However, when I found out that the copy was only 32 pages, imagine my dissapointment and realize its a new series which is umm.. interesting.

The story revolved around a detective investigating a murder. She found out that although the corpse is headless, she actually can TOUCH the absent head. Curiously, she called for help from the CDC and a doctor called Dr Horne to investigate. But sinister events followed when there were links in more death in which all involving Dr Horne.

Unfortunately, as you all were aware that I am a huge fan of Fringe. So even if I like the heavy medical terms inside – it is intriguing. I’m all for retroviruses embedding into the host DNA altering the cellular function including brain function – but it like a season 4 Fringe episode rerun that pays tribute to HG Wells’ The Invisible Man.

Reading 32 pages of the graphic novel doesn’t really provide enough material to do a full review on the entirity of the story but for a short copy, its not really a bad piece of science fiction procedural crime comic. I would want to get more of it but since it does provide a good first impression by the artwork which is very noir with a slight Hellsing into it. Again, its 32 pages, I usually do reviews on full graphic novel volumes. sigh….

I could say that the novel is written for fans of HG Wells, Fringe and clever readers seeking medical science fiction which is a difficult and rare genre altogether.The cliffhanger and the extra at the end sort of helped with the continuation of the comic series. And I hope its a good thing, Fox’s Fringe that had recently finished its season 4 airing might help since there’s barely anything science-fiction-interesting in tv these days.

The monthly graphic novel will be out on 13th June 2012 by Oni Press.

Goodreads : 4 since I’m a medical science geek. Its a good serious novel. I like serious novel. Well.. that does mean I’m old right?


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