e-BookReader : CaseCrown Oxford Zip Case for Kindle 4

around a month ago, I got an e-reader from a singapore Kindle reseller. The wait is excruciating but the reader helped me in many ways including reading and studying so the benefits outweigh everything. Its far better option for me instead of saving up for expensive telephone these days (mobile gadgets get outdated rather easily these days.. emm hello, people remember Motorola and Sony Ericsson on ads?) However, when the Kindle arrived, it came with its barest form, simple light flat e-Ink screen. So I had to get a case and screen since I get small scratch marks from the keys in my bags and the kindle does fell off the bag and kids like to throw around it since its not their mom’s tablet (grrr). Its quite rare for Malaysian sellers to sell Kindle case so I had to order it from Amazon via a third person in LowYat.net

although it took nearly a month for the item to reach Malaysia (the item arrived to the Seller’s US address) and then the seller’s house, fortunately the seller send out my parcel early so it got to my house in record time 🙂

I had morning class today so my sister fetched the parcel for me. My parents were like “budak zaman sekarang” with my ‘gadget’ purchases… sigh… dear parents, Malaysian these days don’t find the appeal of having ebook readers when they saw tablets like samsung tab. Even my nieces grew bored when I show them my books. Oh well.

There were only three colours in this oxford case series (including the one without zip) and I found the pink one to be the most striking. I dislike the brownish checkered and the BW checkered looks like a chef/kitchen’s trousers…. and most of all, I can detect my pink kindle a mile away than a grey kindle…. weee…

To my astonishment, the pink is not really that pink. Its actually dark pinkish-violet which are not the usual fluorescent pink case. An actual tasteful pink!

I like and I’m not even a obsessively pink-loving girl.

Front : the case does changed colour in different lighting (its actually slightly warmer in real life) I suppose its the filters..

back : bluer… when it should be warmer.. hmm

inside : its actually a sturdy case and very high quality product for something made in China and then travelled to US then to Malaysia…. but considered I bought this 70% off, the quality is worthwhile

the sides: one thing that I like about the case was the zipper. It does make me feel assured that the kindle wont fly out from the case or something.

labels : what a cute name…. kinda like japanese company with penguins…. errr…. dunno where that came from

I’m not kidding, this case have ‘luxury item feel even the english is correct *cough* for something in Made in China

The placement : Velcro flap are actually very sturdy.  You can tightened it more and it won’t budge.

the bottom : I thought the buttons will be hard to reach now but my fingers aren’t too clumsy even with the thick fake leather in the way. I do need to dig into the buttons to get things going. So if you have thick thumb…. just grew your fingernail (I have to keep mine short for kitchen stuff – lol, tak serajin camni for my labs lol)

The product carries unmistakeable PVC smell and the felt material are actually cloth felt – front and back. I hope the felt stays soft for a long while but safe to say, its quite waterproof . There’s a sturdy hard back on both sides which is very neat since you can place it next to something without worrying it will crush the kindle. Sigh.. my kindle is so beloved even my cheap samsung phone and its cousin the galaxy tab felt envious of it.

I like the idea of having this leather zipped case protecting my kindle on a rainy day and it does protect the kindle for accidental spills or let’s say, when you got a cold drink in your bag and I don’t like it next to my screen. Cold drinks can sweat into an electronic and… well, if that happen, all you can do is just cry and then get new one from the amazon.  *cough*

The case is padded rather thinly (probably the black shock absorber it came with) and I actually felt the board under the paddings which is not that problematic but it does what it does.

The weight of my Kindle in g

The weight of the kindle now with the case (in g)… Honestly if weight is an issue, then you should consider a sleeve.

 The stitching aren’t crooked like any rm50 case you get from the usual shop. And I’m still not kidding, this thing is RM50 with Malaysia shipping. awesome right? The actual price was USD$31 which is perfectly awesome at 70% off price. So Malaysian Kindlers out there, do consider this brand which was currently still on sale on Amazon. Before this, I’ve considered buying simple 7 inch tablet sleeve but frankly, everywhere I see, its still above rm50 mark price. Honestly, even the mobile gadget sellers didn’t know what a Kindle is, so why waste time asking me what I want anyway.

While reading, I do change hands when my arm began to tire. The flap aren’t bendy enough to read left handed so if you are a left-handed person, the case is not friendly for you.

And I bought screen protector from the guy. and frankly is rm10 that are NOT well spent. there’s no direction which sides that have addissive  (china’s english-translated labels.. damn it) so when I pull on one plastic labelled number 1, I didnt realise its actually the stick part. #facepalm…. and there was some sawdust on them and my kindle have these glare-catching air bubbles now with small wood thing and sigh…. its reattachable (I sprayed it with the LCD cleaner several times and it stick well) but really the dusts from the parcel made me annoyed with this thing.

I might be getting more screen protector but not now. Pissed me off… grrr..

Its cheap and easily available, so ummm,… whatever buy somemore la


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