Let Me In by Callie Croix

Bam… you don’t see that coming. Well, the cover might be intimidating but actually this is not quite a bad novella. Even if its エロティカ BDSM… not. Actually, its quite an average adult romance novel.

But for a short story, this novella actually have a plot and story progression which made it a nicer read that some novels that I had gone through 300 pages to find one.

The writing style is simple, descriptive (hmm..) and easy. The characterization is straight forward, the side characters weren’t prominent thoroughly but enough to keep the story going. Despite the blurb, which sounded cheesy, the story is actually a simple story of a man who had waited for his right woman to let him inside her insecurity and was there when she needed him the most. In fact, half of the book was about Talia having doubts and then had to face her ghosts before she could move forward. To be perfectly honest, she’s far more afraid to let go than her mother’s hoarding OCD.

The story of two marines in love is nothing new. It doesn’t add much to the length but it helped with the settings and interconnecting scenes from beginning to the end. The length of the story doesn’t allow much to go through but unlike your run of the mill Harlequin novels. The story is comparable and light-hearted. Yes, some of the scenes can raise your blood pressure but wasn’t too risqué  for readers who are not keen on a serious tone of the genre.

Again, its not a heavy エロ despite being considered one by the publisher, this is definitely not your 50 shades of fanfic cheesiness or Ellora’s Cave usual above than average romance genres.

Review copy from Carina Press and the ebook is published in 21st May. Which was a couple of days ago so if you like a light read than your average mild-romance books, you should try this.


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