The Lazy Gourmet: Magnificent Meals Made Easy by Robin Donovan, Juliana Gallin and Joanne Weir

For those out there, do consider this book as a cheat guide for gourmet cooking. Its not wrong. Its possible. A quarter of the book is filled with a lot of cooking tips that are easy to follow for western cooking while the rest was recipes with wonderful fine names in it but simple enough instruction to follow and with serving yields.

For me, its a good book but it doesn’t really add anything if you’re seeking more on the art of cooking. The language is casual, simple and compacted for beginners and home cookers intend on impressing guests.

I like this book on hand whenever I’m cooking for my family and friends but since its a cheat guide, its a good accompaniment for a quick recipe but if you have better books, you can skip this.

Oh, there’s barely anything pastry in this so thats another reason why I give the book 3 stars in goodreads.


Contrary to what people see in my book thread, I do read a lot of non-fiction daily. I just don’t like putting it in my book challenge. I add this book in my reading challenge because it was a casual read like normal novels. But its a short review because most of these was recipes. And I don’t think I need to review all the recipes like a food blogger… erk…. but I’ll give this to my sister since I’m the one who like patisserie while my sister likes western cooking.


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