e-Bookreader : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 e-Reader’s review

*All the pictures are rotated differently because of my webcam and I’m too lazy to rotate them all back but you’ll get the gist

This is Sammy with its plastic cover still on until sis decides on the case

I know, e-reading using tablets isn’t a new thing. There’s another Samsung Tab as an E-eader review and countless other promoting tablets as an e-reader but ever since I have an e-Ink e-reader, I’m somewhat sceptical about the whole reading on LCD.

Honestly, I have been reading on LCD for YEARS since I have no other choice other than wasting expensive (if its were me, everything is expensive) ink on printing.  Atleast, so far, nobody do reviews on reading books on Acer Aspire Timeline’s 14″ monitor or Panasonic 20″ tv, is it? (I do read on my laptop all the time before… as for the tv… only when I tried surfing with a tv)

 There’s like a bunch of Apps that you can download on this tablet but for now I only have two preinstalled which was “Readers Hub” and “Ebooks”.

Readers Hub

The App consisted three types of reading materials which was for newspaper, books and magazine. For the newspaper, we could get local news from PressDisplay but since you need to pay subscription fee for it, its really a choice to buy them. But we get free trials and there’s a lot of free Malaysian newspaper and cheap newspaper that was sold nearby so its not a necessity. For the magazine, we need to sign up to Zinio, a magazine service but since its quite a fuss with subscription fee again, I don’t really find a need for it. Again, we can get those magazine in physical form nearby. Besides I don’t read magazines.

The book application for this app was made by Kobo. First of all, it doesn’t keep your books inside the tab so it can have errors when you try to open it. Truthfully, the app is good if you need something huge (10 inch huge) to read a book. Its backlight is plain white which can be a challenging if you read in a dark (you’ll get dark, worded spot in your eyes).

So you change it to night mode.

I like it better this way but… same thing will happen as above except you’ll get lines instead in your eyes…. (simple chromocytes behaviour) sigh… But the page swap speed is way better than e-ink if you dont use the ‘curl’ option. But since you need to connect internet to it, I found that if you swap pages too quick, it still need a couple second of loading per chapters.

I found  that you cant change to any font instead of sans serif if you’re using kobo. You can’t change the margin. Note taking is of course way convenient that Kindle 4 but I personally like ctrl-copy and paste instead of holding a section and the press the “select text” and highlight and then add note.. blergh…. I like highlighting on real book with my pen. LCDs are too much hassle and need a lot of clicking for something that you can do manually.

As for the Kobo Store, honestly, real books are way cheaper (even if they are expensive), I saw price discrepancies between non-US nations like in Kindle because of the price fixing thing by major publisher so I like to avoid e-stores. MPH have its own ebook store so one day I might go to the store to ask about it. Honestly, MPH should do more publicity on its ebook services than just promoting books that I dont even read. And free ebooks are so little in Kobo.. urgh… better finds on Gutenberg if you like classics.

Now we have ‘Adobe Digital Editions’  or Ebook in Samsung App. I’ve used it for some ARCs that you cant read using a Kindle 4 so having this is considered a blessing already if you have loads of Epub and PDF in your hand.  I read a lot of PDF for last year’s theses and this thing does well for small font journal reads (since it can zoom in and out seamlessly) so instead of printing all those journals, you can read it straight from tabs instead of from your laptop.

Probably the best thing for this app was the “read aloud” option which you cant get from Readers Hub. You can change the pitch and the speed so its way better than the PC’s read aloud. But I dislike read along because of the mechanical sounds.

You can change the background in different colours and even without the margin and stuff, it have search option. Which is great on its own.

Because you can import ebooks into the Adobe Reader, you can browse the net normally from the browser and just buy and download the ebooks off the sites you want (including Kindle but I wont recommend that). You can use Calibre App to get books that you convert from PC wirelessly. But I don’t find this to be a hassle since Epub is usually the format everyone use these days.

But I find the settings is way limited and unlike the Kobo reader, you cant change the page turn setting. Sometimes the page flipping is way overrated and useless unless you want to turn the page a long way (remember, I like my Kindle 4′ because of its page buttons). I’m still looking for a way to disable that but this ebook fared nicely because of the page colour changing and direct-usb ebooks.

Coloured graphic novels, sigh. Just perfect. You can zoom in and out to read the dialogues if they’re small and flip it easily around.

I cant say anything against LCD for coloured materials but for reading plain text-only books. The e-Ink is better investment. Heck, its barely rm300 to get one basic e-reader, people.

Oh, I didn’t do any reading on it (are you blind, there’s those sticker thing on the screen) but its still possible to read books on a tab, especially at night. But since I have a laptop and an ereader, I don’t think I will be using the app more. At this point, me and my nieces kept playing games on it (oh, I teach them how to play piano too) but its a great tab on its own (10″ is almost like my 14″ laptop).

As for the tab vs ereader debate. I don’t think its an issue if you choose either one or both. I want a specific e-reader that don’t strain my eyes and e-ink (with ink that makes you think it was paper) was perfect for me and my sis wanted her present so whether you choose one thing over the other, its all depend on your needs and budget. I use Kindle all the time and it helped since I always go out with it (like I used to go out carrying a book, essentially, its still a habit of mine). Tablet is way too bulky to bring everywhere.

And my sister have her own ereader too, cis, hahaha

hmm… should I do an iPhone as an ereader review too?


2 thoughts on “e-Bookreader : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 e-Reader’s review

  1. many a book that i wanted to get for the Ebook but to no avail
    so why purchase an e-book reader, just to collect dust
    the other, can not use 2B pencil to mark
    but can one do that on a slab e-reader??/

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