Trends I Don’t Understand : “50 Shades” Bombardment

I know this being a new blog and all, I do need to write something else instead of just books review. So lets start by saying,

“I fucking hate TWILIGHT fanfiction porn”

I had problem with Twilight itself being written in a way that idolize abusive and restrictive relationship, that promotes self-pity and plainness in character, promoting self-harm but written in a way that people think its acceptable, with less sex unless you count the horrifyingly scene in the last movie which I chuckled when people refuses to talk about the whole movie like they gushes about the last few movies and frickin paedophilia… I can’t even brain this. I’ve read a lot of vampire books (usually adult books) but atleast none of them want to have sex with teenagers.

But, in 2012, we only have last movie of Twilight saga which I am perfectly happy since I’d expect that The Hunger Games will rule this part of the century but no….. This time, someone is making a movie specifically on Edward/Bella fanfiction. I don’t brain this!!!! By big film studios no less!!!

Perfectly overrated.

Really, of all erotica authors that are way better authors out there (Anne Rice, Mandy M Roth, Michelle M Pillow, Cheyenne McCray and recently, Thea Harrison and GA Aiken), and unfortunately we all have to stomach with this overblown proportion of people who think they want the world to know how awesome is the sex between Edward and Bella had they venture into a fake BDSM relationship.

Clue you in. Edward, isn’t a dom. (Yes, I fucking know what the hell that means). So effectively trying to make a whining vampire bastard to dominate a virgin and proceed in making a book entirely made out of the Twilight mould is just irritating as it sounds.

Honestly, I haven’t read the book, I don’t even want to. But I read a lot of reviews from trusted reviewers and then those blogs that compare Master of Universe with 50 Shades and I suffice to say, nothing will ever make me want to read the book.

and more…

It started to get into bestselling list because these hoards of people started promoting Twilight-pron to one another. I kept getting daily tweets by people who kept mentioning 50 shades in my wall, news articles saying Ian Somerhalder want to be Christian Grey (which I can’t brain WHY they want Damon Salvatore to be Edward. Seriously).. … … .. . I found out our Malaysian bookstores started stockpiling this book series that make me quite insane whenever I saw this book in front of me as soon as I step into the store. Paradigm Mall will open this Wednesday and I’m bringing my camera since I expect there’s be like tonnes of 50 Shades books stock up right in front of literature section in its Popular bookstore. Thats I’m proving that even books distributors are INSANE letting fan fiction book along the side of others more worth of note fictions.

Why people want to forcefed me with this series and giving good reviews when its just about lame fanfiction…Why?

I read a bit from the book and really, the prose is even worst than twilight.

Honestly, I am very sensitive about reading fan fiction. I don’t read fan fiction at all and I dont mind when people do (albeit, I have sisters who write them, friends that read them and enjoyed them and well, its their choice. I tried writing fan fiction but I felt the whole idea is restrictive to a writer) but the idea of having to pay for one (without any royalty towards the original author) is just overbearing. I like originality. I like characters to be their own characters in a book.

And although I do buy doujinshis, the differences is that they were drawings of people with their own sets of styles. Doujinshis mangaka actually grew better if we supported them and you’ll have a lot of mangakas who was doujinshi mangakas. I’m all for supporting talents like this. Really, drawing is hard and manga artist is constantly seeking for people with talents to help them. So its a win win situation.

Written fan fiction doesn’t contribute at all to the original authors. And its like parasitic symbiosism if you see it that way.

and from reviews, there aren’t any plots inside it. And you get TAMPON porn in it. Seriously. You better off paying USD10 for other books that doesn’t have idiotic prose like this.

oh…. I have read a lot BDSM novels. Its simple, I read a lot of adult romance and its a natural progression, I’ve read the heavier ones which suited those with those kinds of preferences and its like experimenting with things you read. I’ve gone through those phase so I’m embracing to more proper stuff with storylines and I have occasional set backs.

I found my preferences to read fantasy, scifi adult romances so.. I like reading dragon, vampire and werewolf romance and heavier romances.. ehem. What? There’s usually gore and someone head eventually will pop off in it. There’s loads of zombies or moron warlocks and swordfights and magic and ACTION!

Mostly because I’m tired with historical romance since most of it was totally bland and sound the same. And do you want to read chic lit with Gossip Girl characters trying to have sex? boring

And what? Its not like I’m gonna have some anyway. Its load better than a lot of malay adult reads which are truly out of the world. Well, I have them, which ranged from like fade in sex scenes to Ombak Rindu and Nora Elena (rapists as hero character) to wacky FIXI novels with sex scenes like “kerak kering” in Kasino, weirder scenes in Cekik and blah scenes in Kougar and I actually laugh while reading since its written by men and with wacky things only man can do.

Men can do bad porn novels as they do bad porn movies. Like really how many XXX movie adaptation out there. Its all about the money and sex even if its bad piece of fiction.

and again, why do I want to read three books worth of Edward and Bella BDSM sex scenes? really. unless you have orgies with the werewolves clan, I’m done with this topic.

I can’t keep complaining about 50 shades when I go to my bookstores right?

Oh hell…  future Bookxcess and Big Bad Wolf sales will have these…. goddamn it.

and why you want to spend rm31 for fanfiction? honestly people, how desperate are you. I can totally recommend good adult romance fiction if you want to. 50 shades is a BAD BAD introduction in the genre. Seriously.



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