Ebook Apothecary’s “Veronica Scott’s Wreck of the Nebula Dream”‘s May 2012 Giveaway

while I was sneezing and scratching my face (I’m getting my pills tomorrow… sigh) and being stomped by my niece and nephew, I surf the goodreads site and saw this…….

which leads to this

which leads me to this site

Honestly the International and Amazon Gift Card part is what attracted me but then when I read the GR synopsisand it come to my mind that I haven’t really read any recently published adult scifi books and the premise sound interesting. Besides the favourable reviews was really intriguing.

Ever since the overhyped 3D-ed Titanic came to our shore, I utterly dislike that Malaysian people only remember the fictious lovers when the local cinema promoted the movie by utterly sugarcoating the real tragedy which made me became cynical about it. I remember finding out about titanic the same way Malaysians do.. from the movie. Sadly but I was around 9 or 10 when the movie came out (I buy Titanic stationeries too and not all Asians know western’s histories and not all westerners know Asian histories ) but I do watch documentaries and read about Titanic in non-fiction. (this recent article about the shoes and coats at the bottom of the sea were very eerie)

So a change of genre setting instead of historical retelling of the tragedy does seems interesting.. I might be getting the book later if I haven’t had any idea to read. (Who am I kidding here… I have to read 100 more books… doh)

Giveaway is a clever way to gain more followers. But the material is to darn irresistible to miss.

Just follow the instruction to be in the running for the giveaway 🙂

Ends  in 28th May 2012  (be quick!)


Book update: currently reading Blackwood

Isn’t it funny that it usually take me around 4 hours to finish a good book… sigh…. book fillers… but it does getting good around this point although I have to struggle with procrastination (ie: babysitting, ovensitting, internet surfing etc). But a lot of status updates from others says otherwise. I’ll finish this before my Asian Desserts class tomorrow… hope so


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