e-Bookreader : 2011 Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display With Special Offers

If you followed my other randomness blog or Goodreads or twitter, I’ve reviewed  this ereader a couple of times and by far, its one of the best thing that happen to me this quarter of the 2012. Its been a couple of weeks since I got the ereader and so far the excitement has gone but I still use it every single day.

Having this is like a godsend to a student or a book reviewer. Since I’m still studying in pastry and bakery (albeit briefly since next month I’ll be doing practical in hotels), this is a handy thing to have when you want to reach for a reference or reading from a thick textbook like Professional Baking.  I wished this thing exist while I’m still doing my degree. I could have saved a lot of the farmed trees.

Funny thing, I actually sleep a lot better after reading with a kindle as I no longer have to bear with eyestrains; the result from looking too long at the LCD monitor. I still have allergies which made me an insomniac but so far I found myself sleeping with a kindle (and mysteriously it found its way on top of the dresser).

Rumour mills have it that Amazon (like B&N) is putting a glow-feature in the new kindles but I’ll wait for a couple of years (or when this kindle’s warranty ended and I mysteriously crack the screen) before purchasing them.  I’m not one of those people who feel the urge to buy every new thing but so far, spending on this kindle as an obsessive bookreader is a worthwhile investment.

People, its commitment!

Honestly, if you barely read any books even if you have time for it, a kindle wont turn you into a bookworm. I’ve seen people buying kindle readers just to read all Tolkien books and then sell it out to second handed buyers. People do like to waste their money like that.

As for my kindle, I’m finding its hard to keep the reader clear of dirt and oil so I bought a CaseCrown case from Amazon last two weeks and it will arrive by the end of this month.

Why I want it in pink as I am not a pink person? Well… the other covers are not so pretty. I dislike black and white and  the brown ones look lame. And I know its mine if someone want to smuggle it out from my bag.

I will get a Kindle 4 gelaskin or decalgirl next.

If you’re wondering why a Malaysian like me can get Kindle? Well…. there’s Lowyat and Google. Honestly, its way cheaper if you know someone from US and coming in Malaysia. Free shipping.

BTW, an ereader is a book reader, hence it wont be taxed via customs.

Do you have a ebookreader? 


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