Currently-Reading Dilemma

Oh dear….

I have what you called… sudden-book-reading-laziness syndrome. When I started one book, I find it uninteresting after a couple of page, I immediately switch to other books. When I finish that, I read a new one and nearly forgotten the old books.

Sad. Le sigh.

I will finish some of the netgalley books this weekend. But the cooking classes is making it hard for me to keep a good reading schedule unlike a couple of months before when I could read a book a day (cooking class is more tiring than my 9+ hours laboratory work since I’m not on my feet in labs)

Speaking of Currently-Reading, I’m currently reading Shift, a young adult sci-fi, paranormal book revolved around a young teenager with the ability to change his past.

Last night, I requested Shift and the publisher allowed me to review the ARC. I read the beginning of the book during my food hygiene class (which are basically simple class on microbiology) earlier this morning and I find its a lot like The Butterfly Effect (broken family, a girl, changing the past) meet Jumper (broken family, a girl and finding his past). Since I don’t really like Ashton Kutcher and Hayden Christensen, I find the book is a sort of okay for the age-appropriateness. And its targeted to boys so, I’d expect some action in it.

Do you like reading books that are supposedly targeted to the other gender or age?


2 thoughts on “Currently-Reading Dilemma

  1. That book, Shift, sounds really interesting! Also ironic because my manuscript is currently titled that, but I think that when it’s published the name will have to be changed, it’s too common! I’m looking for something to read though, what is your favorite book out of the ones you’re “currently reading”?

    1. I don’t think the title naming is a problem. A lot of books have the same name as long as it was a different story. SInce, I’m clearing up my Netgalley books, I’ll be reading Blackwood after this 🙂

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