2012 GoodReadings Recap

Main reason why I never keep a book blog and only use Goodreads was that I read a lot and reviewed it directly on the site…. for conveniences since I usually read at night and finish when I’m sleepy or such… so I will try to be less lazy about updating this blog.

To date I’ve reviewed 179 books which I hope it was informative enough for the goodreaders but as for 2012 I try to review all the books I’ve read in this 2012 challenge. You can go to my Goodreads page to see the reviews. I won’t flood this blog with all of those reviews but I will try to simplify them in occasionally monthly or genre grouping.

As for ratings (4.25 is a bit too suspicious for average readers), I fully rate what I like to read (these days usually PNR and YA serials) and poorly for those I’m feeling critical of,

I really do hope I won’t be at war with some of the YA writers and readers like the drama that’s happening lately. But I hope this wont be an issue with the Malaysian Goodreads authors since I rarely read malay novels and all my reviews on them was less that satisfactory.

As you can see, my 2012 goal was 200 books so I still have some 100+ books to read and review so I could guarantee you that this blog will be full of them.


I’m curious : How committed are you to read until the year end?


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